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A little about me and my journey so far!

Hi I`m Kerrie. I am a free spirited, earth energy. I am a Capricorn sun sign, Taurus moon and Leo rising. I am a lover of all things natural, spiritual and a little different! I love being creative, exploring the outdoors and continuing to keep my curious mind and deep soul flowing!

 I have and continue to navigate the depths my own healing journey . I have dipped my toes into various different holistic courses to help my own healing process, Mindfulness courses, Emotional Freedom Techniques, to name a few. I went on to learn courses around mental health and wellbeing and psychology as I wanted a deeper explanation and understanding of this crazy thing called life.

I have practiced yoga and attended classes for around 11 years now. I found myself at my very first yoga mat at a point in my life where I was very stressed and out of sync. Yoga felt like a silent therapy to me. It was my space to show up as me, to clear my head and feel more balanced within. At that time I had no interest in the physical benefits to a yoga practice. It was all about feeling more settled within myself. After feeling the benefits to my mental and physical health I decided I wanted to share the many benefits to yoga  In 2001 I took the step to train with Yoga Scotland for 2 years, graduating with a 500 hour teaching diploma. My passion is sharing my light through yoga and reiki with others who are navigating their way through their own journey. Yoga is so much more than making shapes with your body. Yoga is your journey back to yourself.

" A mind free from all disturbances is yoga!" Patanjali

 I offer a calming space in my yoga classes where we come together on the mat bringing gentle flowing movements to the body and using the breath to help soften a busy mind and finish off the class with a gentle meditation practice. Yoga is a journey and looks and feels different to everyone. I encourage you to show up as you are each day and take what you need from the practice. Everybody is welcome.

I have always been a highly intuitive person. I am grateful to be a born healer and drawn to all kinds of holistic healing ways. This led me onto studying and sharing reiki energy healings. Reiki is a form of energy healing. Reiki is passed through the heat from my hands. reiki is known to help resolve emotional distress by allowing healing energy to flow freely throughout the body. helping soften emotional energy blockages reducing stress and anxiety. Each reiki session can feel different each time. Reiki goes where it is needed even if we don`t know.

I offer reiki appointments on request.

I would be delighted to hear from you if you have any questions or would like to book in with me. 

The light in me sees the light in you,

Kerrie x

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Gentle yoga classes

We all come to mat for different reasons. Each person holding their own unique journey. We all come from different path ways and are holding for different things. Yoga is an opportunity to take some time out for yourself. To get to know and love your body and mind. Learning helpful tools for both on and off the mat, pranayama breathing techniques can help to bring you back into the moment, regulating heart rate,blood pressure, reduce insomnia and help with anxiety. The mind benefits from stillness and the body really benefits from gentle movements. Gentle stretching and asanas (poses) help to keep the body subtle, helping to move your energy throughout the body, or perhaps settle the energy. Each time we come to mat we often feel different from the previous day. We can shape our yoga practice to exactly what we need each time, some days slower, perhaps some days more challenging. I offer variations of poses to meet where your are at in that moment. There are not fitness levels required or expectations needing met. The willingness to connect with your body and experience a balanced state of mind. This is the begining of yoga. I would love to chat with you if you have any questions. Health questionnaire must be filled in before attending. 

Monday 6pm - 7pm at The Tranquil Studio Carrongrange house, Carrongrange Avenue, Stenhousemuir Larbert Fk5 3BQ 
Tuesday 7pm - 8pm The Cow Shed Callender Park, Falkirk Fk1 1YR 
Friday 10am - 11am The Ettrick Dochart Community Hall, Dochart Place Hallglen FK1 2QR 
Block bookings are non transferable and are booked for the start of each month on a month to month basis. 4 classes £321 drop in class ( space dependant) £10. Places must be booked ans confirmed before arrival. Please bring your own yoga mat and blanket. 

"This was my first reiki experience. Kerrie made me feel relaxed as soon as i walked into the room. I felt the heat from Kerrie`s hands and seen lots of colours almost like a dream. It was a really magical experience. I had the best nights sleep!"

Reiki healing

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