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Gentle yoga classes

We all come to mat for different reasons. Each person holding their own unique journey. We all come from different path ways and are holding for different things. Yoga is an opportunity to take some time out for yourself. To get to know and love your body and mind. Learning helpful tools for both on and off the mat, pranayama breathing techniques can help to bring you back into the moment, regulating heart rate,blood pressure, reduce insomnia and help with anxiety. The mind benefits from stillness and the body really benefits from gentle movements. Gentle stretching and asanas (poses) help to keep the body subtle, helping to move your energy throughout the body, or perhaps settle the energy. Each time we come to mat we often feel different from the previous day. We can shape our yoga practice to exactly what we need each time, some days slower, perhaps some days more challenging. I offer variations of poses to meet where your are at in that moment. There are not fitness levels required or expectations needing met. The willingness to connect with your body and experience a balanced state of mind. This is the beginning of yoga. I would love to chat with you if you have any questions. Health questionnaire must be filled in before attending. 

Classes - 

Tuesday 7pm-8pm The Cow Shed Callender Park Falkirk FK1 1YR

Friday 10am-11am The Ettrick Dochart Community Hall Hallglen FK1 2QR

Block booking per month or pay as you go options. Please contact me to book.

Friday 10am-11am Ettrick Dochart Community Hall Hallglen. 

This class is pay as you go.

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